Quick tips: How to think faster & how to work fast

In this go-go-go business world, how can you come up with ideas fast, and get things more done quickly?

If speed is your need, here are some tips you might try. We can’t back up all the science, but even without verification of every fact, some of these ideas might just help you have more lightbulb moments, or make it a little easier to get your work done with time to spare.

Infographic: How to think faster

  1. Say, “Yes, and…” — first principle of improv comedy.
  2. Work with the first thought that comes to mind — it is there for a reason.
  3. If the other side is silent, let the silence be, don’t feel like you have to fill in.
  4. Relax your jaw, your mouth may talk on its own — body intelligence.
  5. Repeat something several times while you are thinking.
  6. Listen to your gut — it thinks faster than your brain.
  7. Visualize your knee jerk — now produce a “mind jerk.”
  8. Follow the the principle of least effort.

Infographic - How to think faster


>> Forget slow! Try working fast

Infographic: How to work fast

  1. Don’t question anything you do in the first 15 minutes.
  2. Don’t stop: If you got stuck for >30 seconds, move on.
  3. Do use a timer: If you can’t get anything at all done on a project in 15 minutes, you probably can’t do it.
  4. Make a first draft in 15 minutes (let it be bad).
  5. Write short 140-character emails: Stay focused on what you are trying to say.
  6. Listen to music: Background music helps finish tasks faster.
  7. Keep your desk clear — it will clear your mind.
  8. Have one track mind: An average person [supposedly] has 70, 000 thoughts per day, which is 49 thoughts per minute.
  9. Keep lights bright: Increasing light levels from 300 lux to 2000 lux improves productivity by 8% (most offices work at 300-500 lux). 10,000 lux is full daylight (not direct sun).
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Infographic - How to work fast

Infographics courtesy of Funders and Founders

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