Sites & apps to find and use money-saving coupons

New super-saving sites, apps and more that will help shoppers maximize savings

There’s virtually no excuse for not getting a good deal these days, with smartphones, coupons and bargains at shoppers’ fingertips.  These sites and apps that make the hunt for savings fast and fun.

Sites & apps to find and use money-saving coupons

Standout sites & apps that can help you save big

Bad shopping habits can be tough to break – just ask the 63 percent of Americans in ShopSmart’s national grocery shopping survey who admitted to buying things they don’t need because of a coupon or a sale.

“A trip to the grocery store can be overwhelming if you go in unprepared,” said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. “Make the most out of your supermarket’s website for coupons and download a few convenient apps that can help you save big on the things you need the most.”

More than one in 10 respondents said they either never make a list or they make one but never stick to it. However, many are sticking to their lists more often than they did a couple of years ago.

They recommend the following free apps to help shoppers prepare for their next trip to the supermarket:

  • ZipList allows users to create a master checklist for things they buy frequently; the app also finds coupons and sorts participating stores by aisle. Works on: Android, Apple.
  • Weekly Ads & Sales app gives users access to weekly circulars without having to deal with the paper clutter. An added feature is its ability to track sales for the largest grocers, such as Kroger and Safeway, plus specialty retailers including Best Buy and Old Navy. Works on: Apple.
  • Grocery iQ matches items on users’ grocery lists with applicable coupons and works best for people who tend to stick to the same list week after week. Works on: Android, Apple.
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Coupon apps with extra features such as automated deals, rewards for frequent use, and instant savings can be a great way to score extra savings at the grocery store. “Shoppers should be saving every time they make a purchase,” said Freeman, “and these new sites and apps make it easier than ever.”

Save with online money-saving coupons

1) Cellfire sends coupons directly to users’ loyalty cards and features an optional store alert, reminding them about coupons when they walk into a store. Works on: Android, Apple, BlackBerry.

2) SavingStar registers users’ loyalty cards and allows them to browse a list of exclusive offers. The “One or Many” deals feature lets users buy items over multiple trips to hit the required quantities. The deals usually have a big payout, such as $5 off $30 spent on Charmin, Gillette, and Ivory products. Works on: Android, Apple.

3) Shopular is an app that uses “geo-fencing” to serve up special coupons when users are close to their favorite stores including Banana Republic and Bath & Body Works. This means no more frantically searching through emails for codes at the register. Works on: Android, Apple.

4) Ibotta helps users get cash back. After shopping, photograph receipts and claim bucks for every grocery shopping trip from participating retailers, including Giant Eagle, Kroger, Safeway and Walmart. The money can be deposited into a linked PayPal account or can be donated to a school.  Users can also earn a dollar for every friend that signs up. Works on: Android, Apple.

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5) SnipSnap allows users to snap photos of paper coupons and turn them into digital ones.  The app has alerts for when deals are about to expire, makes it easy to share coupons with friends and delivers push notifications to notify shoppers of in-store discounts.  Right now, it’s best for store coupons – it doesn’t yet support manufacturer coupons or supermarket redemption. Works on: Apple.

6) allows users to give back. The site, a project of, provides one free meal to a child living in poverty via Feeding America for every three coupons printed and redeemed.

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