Hot caramel apple cider

This easy recipe for hot caramel apple cider deliciously blends the holiday flavors of apple, cinnamon and caramel.

Aztec grain salad

Aztec grain salad combines quinoa with aromatic roasted butternut squash, crisp apples and dried cranberries to make a delicious and colorful side dish.

Fall fruit crisp with berries

This fall fruit crisp with berries combines apples with pears, plums and blackberries for a warm, satisfying and flavorful crisp.

Caramel apple pizza

A sweet dessert made on a pre-made pizza crust, this caramel apple pizza features thinly-sliced apples, caramel dip, cream cheese and cashews.

7 amazing apple pie recipes

What are your plans for all those apples you picked from the orchard - or picked up at the store? We have 7 delicious apple pie recipes for you to try!

Cinnamon apple bread

Grated apple and applesauce combine to create a moist cinnamon apple bread loaf with distinctive fresh apple flavor.

Chocolate-dipped apples

These delicious chocolate-dipped apples are a quick treat your kids will enjoy. This fun-to-make recipe is ready in minutes.

Autumn apple dumplings

One of the most popular tart apples, the Granny Smith, deliciously teams up with the sweet ingredients in autumn apple dumplings.

Baked salmon over apple-ginger quinoa

The flavorful fish fillets in this baked salmon over apple-ginger quinoa recipe are coated in a delicious juice-based marinade, then baked to perfection.

Classic apple pie recipe

Apple pie spice is the flavor secret for this classic double-crusted apple pie recipe. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, if desired.