Rocky road brownies recipe

These soft, chewy Rocky road brownies are a versatile treat - simply match the toppings to any special occasion throughout the year.

Peppermint bark brownie shots

Desserts presented in shot glasses are all the rage in restaurants - now you can serve these decadent peppermint bark brownie shots at home!

Pecan pie brownies

What are pecan pie brownies? They're thick chocolate brownies smothered with a vanilla caramel and pecan filling.

Frosted brownie party pops

These brownie party pops are an irresistible combination of cocoa powder, semisweet chocolate chips and sprinkles in one little ball.

Ultimate chocolate brownies

Add chocolate chips to the brownie batter, and when the brownies are done, cover them with buttercream frosting. Voilà: the ultimate chocolate brownies!

German chocolate pie brownies

These rich German chocolate pie brownies will look like they took hours to make, but these sweet treats are actually pretty simple.