Colorful tie-dye cake

This tie dye cake is not hard to make, and is an impressive treat once you cut inside and reveal the tie-dye pattern.

Jam-swirled coffee cake

Settle into fall with a cozy sweater and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with this Oklahoma-style jam-swirled coffee cake breakfast recipe.

Gluten-free red velvet cake

The classic gets a makeover in this gluten-free red velvet cake recipe. Your celebration deserves a cake as special as this one!

Peter Rabbit cake

This Peter Rabbit cake is sure to be the cutest and easiest cut-up cake ever. Unleash your creativity and decorate as desired.

Chocolate turtle cake pops

In these fabulous chocolate turtle cake pops, chocolate cake mixed with frosting is a foundation for drizzled caramel sauce and chopped pecans.

Date nut crumble coffee cake

Date nut crumble coffee cake is a delectable coffee cake layered with a brown sugar streusel and combined with a date and pecan filling.

Frosted brownie party pops

These brownie party pops are an irresistible combination of cocoa powder, semisweet chocolate chips and sprinkles in one little ball.

Blackberry jam cake recipe

In this recipe, aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves and allspice, jam and toasted walnuts create a delicate, flavorful blackberry jam cake.

Double vanilla pound cake

The luxurious ingredients in this double vanilla pound cake create the perfect sweet note to finish any meal.

Chocolate buttermilk layer cake

This chocolate buttermilk layer cake uses a variety of your favorite chopped candy bars sprinkled between each layer and as a coating for a sweet, crunchy surprise.