Decadent chocolate pecan pie

This chocolate pecan pie has the spicy crunch of a traditional pecan pie that's nestled on top of a layer of divinely rich chocolate.

Bacon-wrapped roasted turkey

Here's a super-basic bacon-wrapped roasted turkey recipe for a treat that's sure to become a holiday favorite.

Fresh green bean casserole

The traditional fresh green bean casserole is revived using fresh ingredients and a little extra time to create a special dish everyone will enjoy.

Rosemary oven fries

These rosemary oven fries offer a sophisticated -- and less greasy -- take on traditional French fries.

Vanilla-brined turkey recipe

This vanilla-brined turkey is unlike any you've tasted, with spices, bourbon and aromatics - perfect for a fancy Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Sweet potato risotto

This sweet potato risotto is a non-traditional twist on Thanksgiving or Christmas sweet potatoes.