Salmon with whiskey glaze

This salmon is topped with a whiskey glaze made with Jack Daniel's, orange juice, garlic and ginger.

Parmesan herb tilapia

This Parmesan herb tilapia fish recipe has a crust that makes it tasty enough for a restaurant menu!

Almond beer-battered catfish

Big pieces of meaty white fish get a power-packed Cajun coating made and another serious layer of flavor to this almond beer-battered catfish recipe.

Baked salmon over apple-ginger quinoa

The flavorful fish fillets in this baked salmon over apple-ginger quinoa recipe are coated in a delicious juice-based marinade, then baked to perfection.

Alaska Cod Florentine

What's for dinner? For a little Italian flair with your fish, try this recipe for Alaska Cod Florentine!

Maple Baked Salmon with Chopped Almonds

In this Baked Salmon with Chopped Almonds recipe, the flavor of baked salmon marinated with maple dressing will make you want it to be a mealtime staple.

Grilled fish tacos

Serve these grilled fish tacos with an avocado, mango and Bibb lettuce salad tossed in a light poppy seed dressing.