Stuffed avocado chicken salad

Mashed avocado makes a creamy, delicious dressing for this vegetable-studded stuffed avocado chicken salad that you can stuff back into avocado shells.

Aztec grain salad

Aztec grain salad combines quinoa with aromatic roasted butternut squash, crisp apples and dried cranberries to make a delicious and colorful side dish.

Korean bibimbap salad

This dinner salad is a light twist on the classic Korean Bibimbap. The soft egg yolks mix with the dressing to give a delicious flavor and velvety texture.

Asian chicken salad

Try this exotic take on chicken salad recipe inspired by Asian flavors, and featuring the nutty crunch of toasted almonds.

Grilled mushroom Cobb salad

Meaty Portabella mushrooms top this vegetarian grilled mushroom Cobb salad, which is perfect for lunch or as a hearty side salad.

Grilled pear and spinach salad

This pear and spinach salad has a blend of fresh spinach, grilled pears, grapes, mandarin oranges, pecans, bleu cheese and other delicious ingredients.

German potato salad recipe

This mayo-free German potato salad, Oklahoma-style, is an excellent side dish you can make for outdoor parties or picnics.