Bacon-wrapped roasted turkey

Here's a super-basic bacon-wrapped roasted turkey recipe for a treat that's sure to become a holiday favorite.

The best way to deep fry turkey

It may sound like a strange concept, but when you deep fry turkey, it comes out is moist and delicious and not at all greasy.

Tomato Florentine pasta bake

Full of health-promoting antioxidants, this pasta bake recipe delivers all the flavors of lasagna in less than half the preparation and baking time.

Pasta & black bean turkey chili

This pasta and black bean turkey chili combines the heartiness of ground turkey and beans with the simplicity of pasta in a most delicious way!

Clay pot turkey craft

This little clay pot turkey craft is simple to assemble, inexpensive to make, and makes a great table decoration or hostess gift for Thanksgiving.

Turkey pot pie soup

All the flavors of pot pie are in this turkey pot pie soup - from the creamy sage broth to the chunks of turkey, mixed vegetables and a pie crust topper.

Vanilla-brined turkey recipe

This vanilla-brined turkey is unlike any you've tasted, with spices, bourbon and aromatics - perfect for a fancy Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Greek turkey burgers recipe

Enjoy the bold Mediterranean flavors in this easy and healthful Greek turkey burgers recipe. The yogurt topping is delicious with grilled fish, too.

Orange-glazed turkey meatballs

These tender orange-glazed turkey meatballs get bursts of sweetness from orange marmalade, and a savory note from poultry seasoning.

Can you reuse turkey fryer oil?

If you're planning to deep-fry your turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may wonder: Can you reuse turkey fryer oil?

Savory bread pudding

Let this savory bread pudding take you for a walk on the veggie side - and use up some of those Thanksgiving leftovers at the same time!