Thanksgiving leftovers? Easy recipes to try

Here are four unique recipes that should transform most of your Thanksgiving leftovers into post-holiday pleasures.

recipes for thanksgiving leftovers

The most popular leftovers of the year

Thanksgiving dinner is the most popular meal of the year, but the preparation and perspiration can be maddening. And what’s your reward for all your careful planning and work? All too often, no one follows your seating chart, your brother-in-law glares at you from the kids’ table, and it turns out that your nephew is allergic to pumpkin.

But it’s all worth that one glorious moment when everyone turns to you, lifts their glasses and toasts your “best ever” turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

Recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers

Now, one question remains: What to do with all the leftovers? Enter Beth Kennett, the proprietor of Vermont’s Liberty Hill Farm Inn and a farm-family owner of Cabot Creamery Cooperative, along with her husband Bob. As a slew of satisfied guests will affirm, if anyone knows what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers, it’s Beth.

“I guess I’m a frugal farmer at heart,” Beth says. “There’s never a good reason to waste leftovers and the great thing about Thanksgiving to me is the fact that turkey always seems to taste better the next day!

“What I like best about the holiday is that it’s the time of year when family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company, great food and fun,” she says. “But that doesn’t have to end when Thanksgiving Dinner is over, because there are always lots of leftovers to keep the holiday glow alive. Later in the evening and well into the remainder of the week, families can enjoy time together by creating simple but delicious meals from leftovers.

Browned butter mashed potatoes with butternut squash

“Two of my favorite leftover Thanksgiving dinner recipes are Turkey Pot Pie with homemade biscuits, and Savory Bread Pudding. For something slightly more adventurous, though extremely easy to make, try Turkey Enchiladas. Or, treat your family to a New England classic like Turkey, Two-Potato and Cheddar Hash. Each of these leftover recipes is fun to make, satisfying and delicious. And they are a great way to ensure that perfectly good leftovers don’t go to waste.”

savory bread pudding

Savory bread pudding

Let this savory bread pudding take you for a walk on the veggie side – and use up some of those Thanksgiving leftovers at the same time!
Enchiladas in a pan

Leftover turkey enchiladas

For something slightly more adventurous, though extremely easy to make, try his recipe for turkey enchiladas, made with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce.

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