These women looked into a mirror, not expecting to see enough

An interactive mirror in a gilded frame sat in its own booth and asked women as they passed by, “How do you feel when you look in the mirror?”

More than a few people stopped to answer, and some typical responses ranged from been better to hot mess, and not so hot to a sad woof.

How do you feel when you look in the mirror

Luckily, this wasn’t just any mirror… and the people behind it weren’t just any women. They were musicians with a message.

An all-female band from Austin, Texas — The Mrs — were making a point by asking other women how they felt every time they caught their own reflection.

Look in the mirror - The Mrs - You're EnoughAfter hearing too many negative answers to the same question, The Mrs decided to make it their mission to change some minds. The goal: to remind those mirror-gazers that they were more than good enough already. (And if things just happened to go viral along the way, well, all the more people would get a positive message while being introduced to some new tunes.)

Look here: You’re enough

The band’s debut single, Enough, “was written to help women see themselves with a less critical eye, and realize that they are ‘Enough’ just the way they are. Instead of creating a traditional music video, we opted to do something unconventional: take our message directly to the women who inspire us.”

Making the sentiment all the more meaningful is the fact that the group isn’t your everyday bunch of young wannabe starlets: they’re talented women in their 30s and 40s with years of life experience. That means the ladies have pretty much learned their message inside and out, and aren’t just of parroting a feel-good theme for the sake of song sales.

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The result of The Mrs’ project is below, and the impact was powerful enough to make the band say, “The results were amazing,” and “our lives have been forever changed.”

Consider that your three-tissue warning.

#imEnough (video)

The Mrs group shot

The Mrs band

A behind-the-scenes meet & greet with the band, The Mrs

Lyrics: #imEnough – The chorus of Enough, by The Mrs

I’m enough, I’m enough, I’m enough, I’m enough.
Screw the magazines and the skinny jeans.
I’m enough, I’m enough, I’m enough, I’m enough.
No more telling me who I need to be.
I’m enough, I’m enough, I’m enough, I’m enough.
Don’t tear apart this work of art.
I’m enough, I’m enough, I’m enough.
I’ll rise above. I know I’m enough.

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