Traditional wedding dress ideas: Bridal lookbook photo gallery

Chrissy Teigen's wedding dress when she married John Legend

We are gathered here today to join you and the perfect wedding dress in holy matrimony.

To give you ideas for your own wedding — whether it’s already on the calendar, or many years down the road — we have created this fashion lookbook featuring more than 120 classic long bridal gowns in light colors (white, cream, ivory, champagne).

Chrissy Teigen's wedding dress when she married John LegendMany people don’t realize that the white wedding dress was popularized not because it signified purity, but because one of the biggest celebrities of the 1800s — Queen Victoria herself — wore a white satin gown with a white veil when she got married back in 1840.

As the Smithsonian Institution Archives notes, “The lavish dress and the wedding between Victoria and her cousin Albert in 1840 were written up and illustrated in thousands of publications worldwide. Soon, American etiquette books decreed that the white wedding was the ‘proper style.'”

Even today, countless women — including many modern-day celebrities — still follow the white dress tradition.

In the past couple years alone, some stars who have worn white or cream long wedding dresses include Kelly Clarkson, Kate Bosworth, Michelle Kwan, Chrissy Teigen (shown at right), Elisha Cuthbert, America Ferrera, Megan Hilty, NeNe Leakes, Katrina Bowden, Kristin Cavallari, Alexandra Lenas, Danielle Fishel, Christina Ricci, Kim Stolz, Alicia Lagano and Rose McGowan.

It’s a nice day for a white wedding

One of the most important decisions for many brides is the selection of the dress.

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David’s Bridal, in their annual “What’s On Brides’ Minds” survey, says that their stores have seen a steady increase of social media usage throughout the process of selecting the perfect gown — from brides-to-be arriving with Pinterest pages, favorites lists, or photos of styles they like on their smartphones.

And for brides who have friends or loved ones who cannot go wedding dress shopping with them, Skype and Facetime are the perfect tools to make sure everyone is included.

Here are a few other insights from their survey:
  • The “a-ha” moment: Almost all (90%) respondents agreed that it’s important to try dresses on in their size, so they can better envision their big day look and have that “I just know it’s THE one” moment.
  • Beautiful and budget-friendly: Fifty percent of brides-to-be plan to spend less than $800 on their wedding gown, and 57% say they do not plan to ask their bridesmaids to pony up more than $150 for their dresses.
  • Celebrity style: One-third (33%) of brides plan to emulate celebrities’ wedding gown styles, although more than half (54%) of future brides say a designer’s name is of little or no importance in their search for the gown of their dreams.
  • Planning ahead: More than one-third (36%) of brides say they began shopping for their gown nine months before their wedding, but more than half (56%) did not buy their gown until the big day was less than six months away.
  • After the party: Almost two-thirds (63%) of respondents plan to preserve their gown for their children, and 16% say they plan to sell or donate their gown to a charity organization.
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Traditional wedding dress ideas: Bridal lookbook photo gallery

If you’re getting ready to walk — or dance — down the aisle, and want to know how other brides-to-be are prepping for the Big Day, we have more than ten dozen wedding dress ideas for you!

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