Workout at work? 5 ways to fit in fitness at the office

Today more than ever, Americans live sedentary lifestyles — and our lazy habits are aided by hundreds of websites and TV channels that stimulate the mind while our bodies stay at rest.

Though exercise is one of our most basic needs, too often, we move the least amount possible, and the extent of our daily movement mainly consists of going from the couch to the car, and then from the car to the office.

Workout at work Fitness that you can do at the office
But exercise does much more than keep people slim — it also raises the metabolism, strengthens bones, builds muscle mass, and can even help prevent asthma and allergies.

A few years ago, The Washington Post published an illustrated guide to a dozen workouts that could be done at work. Here, Dr Sanjay Jain, author of Optimal Living 360: Smart Decision Making for a Balanced Life tells you about his five favorite fitness formulas from the feature.

5 ways to do a workout at work

1) Chair dips – 10 reps: With your legs out in front of you, grab the edge of a chair (or desk) and lift yourself down and back up. At the end, you’ll be conveniently back in your seat.

2) Walking – 10 minutes: Lap your block or a floor of your office. Try for a pace of 100 steps per minute, which is easy if you don’t stop to play with tchotchkes on other people’s desks.

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3) Hamstring curl – 20 reps: Bend arms at the elbow. Bring one foot up toward your rear end while straightening your arms so that your hands are down when your foot is up.

4) Knee lifts – 20 reps: Just like hamstring curls, except you lift your knee up in front as your arms go down.

5) Desk pushup – 10 reps: Place hands on edge of desk, shoulder width apart, legs out behind you. Push off with as much force as you can.

“At your work desk, you can flex your muscles and do stretching on regular intervals as needed,” says Dr Jain. “The simple act of choosing the stairs over the elevator in your building can add up to positive momentum.”

And don’t stop there — keep looking for opportunities to fit in bits and pieces of exercise throughout your day. As Dr Jain says, “You can find a way to move your body at just about any time.”

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