Myria strives to deliver more conversation, less gossip. More intelligence, less eye-rolling. More acceptance, less judgment. And throughout the site: more needle, less haystack.

square-myria-mThrough life’s ups, downs, and everything in between, we want to encourage you, support you, and help guide you.

The team behind Myria understands that status updates and selfies never tell the whole story. We all have stuff to deal with, and that’s nothing you need to hide here. Beyond “been there, done that” — every day, we’re still there and still doing it — and trying our best to remember to enjoy the ride.

That’s how we know: You’ve got this.

The Myria story

Myria first debuted in 1998, and was one of the first websites specifically for moms. As our first press release explained:

Created by two mothers who “met” online after giving birth on the same day in 1996, principals Nancy Price of California and Betsy Gartrell-Judd [Bailey] of Ohio designed Myria to bridge the gap between web sites and magazines that focus exclusively on parenting or on womanhood, to instead address the rich life experience of being a woman who is also a mother.

The site was born because we were both work-at-home moms with two daughters each, and wanted to do something creative that would let us stay work-at-home moms.

The business we began exceeded even our wildest expectations, leading us to launch several print magazines, and ultimately we were the two original founders of a site — — that would grow up to be one of the world’s largest websites for women, reaching hundreds of millions of people each year.

site-view-myria1All magic, though, comes at a price. When a business grows as swiftly and sturdily as SheKnows, success means an office and investors and dozens of employees. So while we were thrilled to see our little shoestring venture blossom, it ultimately meant we needed to relinquish much of our creative control and put in hours away from home.

In the end, our families (both now with four kids each), introvert tendencies and self-employment ideals won out, and we left SheKnows so all parties could grow along their unique paths.

Myria, version 2.0

When Myria started, we were friends a thousand miles apart, and had never met in person. By 2004, we were best friends who lived 20 minutes away from each other.

And in 2014, after a few years away from SheKnows, we decided to start Myria over again.

When, many years ago, we sold off all Myria’s assets to build a company, we didn’t get rid of everything — we held tight to our hopes and goals, creative minds and entrepreneurial chutzpah, and the domain name.

That’s how, sixteen years later, Myria has re-launched with a expansion of our original mission, but with a whole new playground to explore. (We also brought in one more business partner — Patti, who was one of our first employees at SheKnows.)

We want to be  a place where women — not just moms — will feel encouraged and enlightened, entertained and informed, appreciated and supported.

While we’d never suggest that we have all the answers, our business, our friendships, our experiences, our daily lives — in particular, the adventure of parenthood — has given us some perspective, and an appreciation for a dynamic approach to life’s changes… and its challenges. We know so much more now, like that life is lumpy and smooth. Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. Sometimes so exhausting and chaotic, we struggle to catch a breath… and with many moments so surprising and beautiful, it takes our breath away.

And if, by some marvelous twist of fate, we find ourselves nurturing another successful site? We know we’d appreciate it just as much the second time around.

How do you pronounce Myria?

It’s derived from the word myriad, so we pronounce it MEAR-ee-uh.

Who we are

Nancy J Price

profile nancy j price
Native of: San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay)
Now lives in: Phoenix, Arizona metro area
Myria’s go-to for: Writing, editing, content development, website development, photography, graphic design
Myria topics of interest: Entertainment, parenting, autism, travel, medical & psychological research, history, science
Hobbies: Reading, entertainment, TV marathons, history, travel, music… and writing, editing, website development, graphic design
Mom to: 2 girls, 2 boys
3 fun facts: 1) Started interviewing major-label bands & musicians while still in high school for her own fanzines. 2) Combined birthweight of her children: 41 pounds. 3) Wrote a novel, Dream of Time, in 2013.

Betsy Bailey

10453434_10152568424494669_1964771325706203532_nEditorial Director

Native of: Chillicothe, Ohio
Now lives in: Phoenix, Arizona metro area
Myria’s go-to for: Editorial direction, writing, editing
Myria topics of interest: Parenting, food & cooking, school and education, history, science, mental health, celiac disease
Hobbies: Reading,  knitting and crochet, drawing, yoga and walking, cooking, research and learning new things, history and sightseeing, Netflix marathons
Mom to: 3 girls, 1 boy / Stepmom to 1 girl, 1 boy
3 fun facts: 1) Huge bookworm who loves fantasy, sci-fi and historical mystery novels best — aspires to write novel of her own one of these days. 2) Loves cats, has dogs. 3) Highly proficient allergy-free cook (not that she ever wanted to be…)

Patti Milan

General Manager
Native of: Earth
Now lives in: Phoenix, Arizona metro area
Myria’s go-to for: All things technical, advertising
Myria topics of interest: Parenting, ADHD
Mom to: 2 boys

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