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The MYRIA token is officially live, bringing Myria a step closer to building the ultimate Web3 gaming ecosystem. MYRIA adds in-game utility and numerous benefits to its holders, empowering the growth of Web3.


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Enabling the Web3 Economy

MYRIA is an ERC-20 utility token, fully audited by Hacken. The token is used for transactions on Myria’s
Layer 2 (L2) scaling protocol. Lightning fast, with zero gas fees, Myria is a rapidly growing hub for high-quality global gaming projects that need secure scaling solutions minus the gas fees and congestion.

MYRIA will be distributed to ecosystem builders and contributors, node operators, and other participants creating a circular economy between all users to facilitate and accelerate ecosystem growth.

Active community with 300k+ members

1 million+
registered members

Half a million NFTs minted on Myria’s L2

200+ high quality games onboarded

MYRIA Utility

Node purchase and rewards

Myria’s nodes are integral to the protocol’s infrastructure and security. Node owners secure the network, assist in the governance and decentralization of the Myria ecosystem, and receive MYRIA token rewards for doing so. More information about nodes can be found here.


Rewards in MYRIA are paid to anyone who chooses to stake their MYRIA tokens.

Protocol Fee

A proportion of protocol fees on every Myria transaction will be paid with the MYRIA token for all trades executed.


Believers in Myria’s ambition and vision to bring real economies and genuine ownership to the world of Web3 gaming, who stake MYRIA, secure voting rights. This allows participants to decide on the strategic direction of Myria’s evolving ecosystem in a democratic way.

Additional in-game utility

Myria has already partnered with hundreds of high-quality games. With selected titles, the MYRIA token will provide added in-game utility that will further drive demand for MYRIA.

Exclusive NFT purchases

After the launch of MYRIA, exclusive NFT collections created by Myria Studios will only be purchasable with MYRIA tokens.

Ways to get Myria tokens

Learn more about the MYRIA token at OKX

Stake Myria tokens (Coming soon)

Receive a grant and start building on Myria

Become a Myria node operator and get rewarded for securing the network

Become an active participant in the Myria community and earn the MYRIA by contributing to the community

Token and supply allocation

The total supply of Myria tokens is 50 billion and will be gradually released in line with a sensible vesting schedule. The token unlock schedule (vesting period) differs depending on the allocation type.

Token distribution
MYRIA Supply Schedule
AllocationPercentage of supplyLock (months)Vesting (months)
Ecosystem Fund40%-36
Node Emissions36%-

Distributed daily based on halving schedule

Project Development (Team)19%648
TGE & Liquidity Provision3%-Immediately unlocked
Strategic Reserve2%-Immediately unlocked

Myria Token Address

The offical Myria token address is:


You can also view the address on Etherscan by clicking here.

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