Myria | Connecting the world through play

General purpose zk-rollup

Myria is a decentralised Ethereum Layer 2 powered by StarkWare, built to empower digital assets, NFT, blockchain gaming and more.

Our solution

STARK-based zk-rollup

Myria’s Ethereum L2 scaling solution uses zero-knowledge technology (zk-STARKs with StarkEx) to “roll-up” or bundle thousands of L2 transactions into one single transaction. This then sends a validity proof back to the main blockchain, preserving the security of L1 Ethereum. Myria’s STARK-based zkrollup solution enable NFTs and dApps to achieve unlimited scale, low transaction fees without sacrificing on security.

Scale with security

Ethereum-level security provided by zk-STARKs

Transparent and post-quantum secure - no trusted setup

Instantly able to withdraw assets from the rollup back into ethereum when needed

Low transaction fees

Reliably programmable

Cairo, allows for development of provable on-chain complexity

Native support for core token types ERC20 and ERC721

Simpler formal verification of contracts due to safe VM architecture

Complete privacy, not only from other users, but also from the Operator.

Open and permissionless

Building towards a decentralized and permissionless network

Full ownership of assets, non-custodial architecture

Resistent against censorship

Fully open-source and community-driven development


Layer 2 scalability solution

Fast transaction confirmation times provided by the L2 chain, while zk proofs and L1 data availability provide Ethereum-level security.