Myria | Connecting the world through play

Creating the new standard for blockchain games and experiences

A decentralized ecosystem of blockchain games and worlds

Myria Studios is building a range of free-to-play AAA games spans across an entire interconnected ecosystem. Players experience intertwining lore, characters, and rich storylines that carry across each game world, and Myria tokens and NFTs can be used across the Myriaverse.

Interoperable & Interconnected NFTs

Morphing interoperable NFTs is the new standard created by Myria. Players will be able to utilize their NFTs across different avatars, games and metaverses. Truly own your digital assets and collectibles.


Powered and governed by $MYRIA

$MYRIA is the native governance and utility token that encapsulates the Myria ecosystem. Players will be able to use $MYRIA to buy, trade, upgrade, vote and more!

Unified through the Myriaverse

Myriaverse is the wider social metaverse connecting players, communities and guilds. Players will be able to quest, explore, craft, invest and so much more. The ever expanding Myriaverse is a virtual society and economy that offers bountiful earning opportunities for the brave adventurer.

Become a Myria node owner & receive rewards

Receive $MYRIA and limited edition NFT rewards whilst supporting the Myria network


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